Deliveries are Monday to Thursday ONLY space permitting. Our minimum purchase before tax for free delivery has changed. There are two zones, with two different minimums based on a new map which will be posted here the week of April 3rd. The new minimums will be $25 for local deliveries and $50 for deliveries outside the new local zone. Most customers are unaffected because almost all of our delivery customers spend more than $50.


The local zone is bounded by Ossington Ave. in the west, St Clair and O’Connor in the north and Coxwell in the east. To get free delivery in the zone you must spend $25 before tax. The second zone requires a minimum purchase of $50 before tax and is bounded by Kipling in the west, Markham Rd in the east and Dixon/Lawrence in the north. Both zones are bounded by the Lakeshore. We can deliver outside these zones to the Toronto city limit but will incur a $15.00 delivery charge.

Deliveries must be arranged over the phone or in the shop with the person who is scheduling deliveries for the week. It is virtually impossible to get an order delivered on the same day it’s ordered. Because of limited space we recommend giving at least two days before you need your items. We cannot take delivery requests by email. You must speak to a live person from the shop

At the present time delivery schedules are made at the beginning of each week on a Monday. Or the previous week for the forthcoming week. At the present time there are no Friday deliveries.

We cannot stress enough that delivery times are not guaranteed. We try our best to accommodate every but delivery times are not always available. Over sized or heavy items may require assistance when it arrives at destination.