The Menagerie fish room has a full range of freshwater fish, freshwater invertebrates and plants. We also have a good selection of supplies from the most popular and well-known manufacturers as well as a few not so well known. We endeavour to fit into our tiny little fish room a wide-ranging selection of aquatic creatures to distinguish ourselves from many of the “bigger” stores.

The freshwater section is very small with around sixty aquariums. We have a good selection of fish from goldfish to gudgeons, dwarf cichlids to danios and a great selection of plants. We now have room for more awesome freshwater stuff! Quite popular with local hobbyists is our selection of live aquarium plants, It is diverse and always changing. We try to stock rarities that other stores seldom import and other varieties that are new to the hobby. If you’re looking for something different for your aquarium we may just have it. We no longer have a marine fish section.

Fresh Water Fish

Update November 17, 2017


This week we received a good sized Singapore order with lots of fish and plants. There are lots of the popular varieties that seem to be what people want in the shop. The most common request we have from customers is “Do you have any colourful fish?” This shipment has a lot of colourful and some interesting ones as well.

Plates, platies and more platies. We received over 300 platies in this shipment with a great variety of colours. Good news is that the colour varieties in this shipment are really different from the last shipment so if you bought some from the last shipment you now have some new colours to choose from. We received a couple varieties of smaller colourful gouramis. Cobalt blue dwarfs are as colourful as discus and the red honey or red thicklip gouramis shine a deep red.

We received a couple awesome little fish in this shipment. Clown Killies and Scarlet Badis are both colourful little fish perfect of the nano aquarium. The clown killie is a non-annual killie from West Africa that is gregarious and only suitable for other smaller tank mates. A tank as small as 5 gallons is suitable for a small group of these killies. The scarlet badis in this shipment came in great condition and include a number of females.

Other species in this shipment include Pakistani loaches, Zebra Danios, Gold Zebra danios, assorted colour tiger barbs, neon gold barbs,rummy nose tetras, ember tetras, black phantom tetras, penguin tetras, red top trewavasse cichlids, longfin blue rams, hedgehog nerite snails, turquoise rainbows, red rainbows, indian algae eaters, lyretail mollies, green diamond guppies and a interesting barb called a pool barb.

The tanks are super full of lots of fish ready for your aquarium.

Next shipment up is a possible European shipment on December 1st

***Please note***   shipment dates can often be cancelled or changed by the exporter or airline and are subject to change without notice. We will try to update as soon as we have a time or date if it has changed. Species and varieties can also be substituted if out of stock to fill the box and are also subject to change without notice. We also reserve the right to change prices and limit quantities