The Menagerie has had a rewards program for a couple years now and many of our customers have taken full advantage of it’s benefits. It doesn’t take too long to accumulate enough points to redeem. Here’s how: For each dollar you spend before tax on applicable items you get 1 point. When you reach 200 points you are eligible to redeem $10 for products or services in the shop. There are no restrictions on what you use your points in the shop to purchase. You can also save up your points and accumulate for a larger purchase.

There are a couple of categories of products that are not eligible for point collection. Dog and cat food and litter do not contribute to point collection. The majority of these products already have their own frequent buyers programs that accumulate their own rewards based on a manufacturer supported program.

Spend a dollar get a point for all other products. We also occasionally have bonus points days on products and groups of products that speed up the totals towards that redemption total.

The Menagerie reserves the right to change the terms of the points and rewards programs at any time and reserves the right to cancel the program at our discretion.