Spooktacular Specials

Lots of new things going on the website behind the scenes including more frequent updates. we don’t use our website to it’s full potential and with changes to Facebook and Instagram coming soon our website will be the best place to see new stuff going on here.

One of the things you will see more of are specials and new products. This week we are posting specials that start tomorrow and end on Sunday.


Expires after October 29th, 2017

assorted cryptocorynes

Re-green 2017

We decided to put a few things on sale in the fish department for the last couple of days of 2016. Everyone loves to have a fresh start in the new year. Why not give your aquarium a green makeover with some new plants or decor.

All live aquarium plants, the products that help keep them going and the decor that enhance the look of the plants or just fun to add to the aquarium are all on sale for 20% off. This sale is only for the next two days in shop only. We are open till just 2:30 on Saturday so come down early for the best selection.

Expires December 31st, 2016

doesn’t include electrical products like lighting or replacement bulbs

Christmas Pets

Thinking about buying a pet for someone as a Christmas gift? This is a topic that comes up every holiday season and for us there is no question that buying an animal as a surprise gift, no matter what type, is a very bad idea. Choosing a pet, be it a companion animal like a dog or cat, or a pet that has lifetime commitment like a bird or tortoise or even a pet as simple as a single fish is a deeply personal thing. Pets become part of the family, even an animal as simple as a betta fish become part of the everyday routine and habits of the person.¬† Pets are adopted into a home because the person feels an affinity or love of the species or breed. Someone expressing an interest in getting a dog or a cat, fish or a lizard doesn’t mean they are quite ready for the commitment of caring for one.

The person who is the intended recipient of the pet should be made aware that your intentions are to adopt an animal for them and they should be involved as an integral part of the process. Proper housing and care should be discussed and determination that the recipient is committed enough to take on the responsibility of adding a new member to their family. If the commitment is genuine consider visiting the shelter or rescue with the intended or visiting the shop to see what interests them. Companion animals can be a great stabilizer in a persons life and can bring much joy and happiness. Caring for another living thing can be very satisfying and rewarding.

Buying a fish as a surprise gift is also not recommended. Every year we hear of aquariums that have an established population completely disrupted or even killed by the addition a new fish or a new group of fish. If you have told the recipient of your intention to buy them a fish and they have agreed to it them get a list of what they have in the aquarium and what is size of their aquarium.

Short and simple answer is; don’t buy a live animal as a gift, give a gift certificate.

Happy Holidays from the Menagerie



We have been very lax in our updates to our website. We do the updates all in house. All of the pictures are ours and all of the content is ours. That is all going to change in a big way. Friday will be update day for the Menagerie website as I will be dedicating Friday solely to our online presence. Lots of new features will be coming soon including delivery schedules and product requests. Livestock pages will also see a renewed focus and will be updated every Friday. It all takes time but is coming along steadily. Stay tuned for more!


Fishy Boxing Day Specials

Small stores don’t always have the means to boxing day specials. We don’t have the buying power of the bigger shops to offer deep discounts. Sometimes, however, we do get some great deals from our suppliers especially in the fish department. We are passing these deals on to our customers for the next two days only.

No Rainchecks, No Holds, No extensions. First come first Served

Fish Specials

All fancy Goldfish 20 % off
All live Aquarium plants 15% off
Apple snails $1.48 each
Large Gold Gouramis  $4.88
All Discus 20% off
Hoplo Catfish $3.88 each
Large Kubotai Loaches $6.88 each
White Fin Rosy Tetras 4 for $11.88
Mexican Dwarf Crayfish (CPOs) $6.88 each
Cherry Barbs 4 for $7.88
Rainbow Stiphodon Gobies $3.88 each
Large Dwarf Neon Rainbows $3.88 each
Glowlight Tetras 6 for $9.88
Clown Loaches $3.88 each

Eheim 2073 Pro 3 filter

Eheim G90 Filter

We also have a great deal on one model of Eheim canister filter that we received with an awesome deal. We have two units of the Eheim Pro 3 model 2073 also known as the G90 that we have on sale until they sell at $180. No holds on this price.

Sale expired December 31st, 2015

Yummy, yummy, yummy

We’ve been very busy at the Menagerie sourcing new, healthy pet foods and treats for your canine companions. There have been a number of stories in the media about suspect ingredients in pet foods so finding foods with known origin is important. We have added a few new brands and product lines in both dog foods and treats. One of the exciting additions to the dog food selection is Forza10. It is veterinary quality dog with formulas made for specific ailments. We currently have four of the dog formulas.

Forza10 Dog Food

Forza 10 Dog food from Italy

Treats are also an important part in bonding with your dog and finding a treat that is tasty as well as healthy is also very important. Single or limited ingredient treats are also a big part of selecting a healthy treat. Treats need to be tasty but also good for your pet. The range of new treats is amazing. I don’t have space to put them all on this post just a small example.

slobbers treats

Slobbers organic grain-free, GMO-free, human grade treats

Canned foods are still important for many who have pets have not taken to frozen raw diets. Weruva has a interesting line of canned foods that are focused on digestive health. They have great ingredients that any dog would just love. The addition of pumpkin makes them digestive tract friendly!

Weruva canned food

Canned Weruva dog food


Own a piece of the Menagerie

… well not really. We have up for sale our large brass bird cage that’s been at the front of the shop for quite a number of years . We are in need of the space in the shop and cannot keep an under utilized space purely for displaying birds. This cage would make a fine architectural piece in a large garden, atrium or entrance way of a large building. It could be used to house birds or it could be used as a purely decorative element with plants etc.

The cage originally was sold to the Harbour castle hotel from almost $15,000 where they had large parrots in one of their entrances. The cage was handmade in Alberta and is primarily brass. The cage will be disassembled so that it can be removed from the store. The cage stands close to 10 feet tall and is more than 8 feet wide.

We are asking $5,000 but can definitely entertain any reasonable offer.

bird cage solid brass

Brass cage

Cage is no longer up for sale as Aug 8th, 2016

Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird is the word.

We finally received a few new feathered friends this week. We haven’t had a lot of new arrivals in the bird room over that last little while but this week we received 4 different finch species.

You can see in the photo below all 4 types which include from left to right. Owl finches ($99.99), Red Cheeked Cordon Bleus ($99.99), Orange Cheek Waxbills(39.99) and the gorgeous Yellow Gouldian finch.(159.99)



a snap shot of the new finches to arrive this week

Prices and availability expire June 1, 2015

Frequent bather program

Do it yourself dogwash

You may have heard of our frequent buyer program for many of our premium pet food brands. Now, we are introducing the Frequent Bather Program. Just 3 baths in our huge tub and you get the fourth for free. Now you can let your pooch get plastered in mud and you don’t have to worry about getting your own tub dirty.

You get three towels, shampoo, ear wash and the use of the blow dryer for the low price of $15.00 +HST for 1/2 an hour time per dog. No difference in price based on size of dog.