Aquatic Plants

Update June 8th, 2018

This week we received both a Tropica and Singapore shipment. The Tropica shipment had a few of our best sellers and a couple that we don’t normally bring in like Shinnersia rivularis. All of the Tropica plants are large and full with some bursting the pots. Most of the 1-2-Grow tubs are mosses this week with Java, Weeping, Christmas and Spiky being the ones to arrive.
The Singapore shipment was low on variety but large in volume. There are lots of great potted Anubias and Cryptocorynes including huge Anubias heterophylla that are sticking out of the aquariums! Good selection of smaller Anubias with nana and nana petite. Four species of Cryptocorynes arrived in this shipment. Becketii, wenditii Brown, pontederifolia and lucens  are all bursting their pots.

Plant tanks are currently 90% of full stock. Tissue culture plants are 30% of full stock

Tropica Schedule

Next Tropica plant arrival is Tuesday June 6th.

Upcoming Tropica shipment is Wednesday July 3rd,. Special requests should be made one week prior up to 3:00PM of June 26th.

Singapore Plants

The next arrival of Singapore plants is not yet set.

Tissue Culture

Order from new supplier expected in the next two weeks.

Indonesia Plants

Order arrival is pending. It will get here eventually. Maybe 2018 is the year!!. It’s been an adventure with this supplier. We have our permits in order and are just waiting for him to have the plants ready to export!!

New Plant sources.

We have a couple new sources of plants that we are hoping to have on the go soon. One is Bangkok, Thailand which has a variety of plants different from our Singapore source. News on first order will come soon.

Full in stock picture catalog coming 2018 and pdf for download coming by soon

We cannot guarantee the plants from our aquariums to be completely free of snails. We try our best to keep our plant tanks free from snails but some do escape and may hitchhike on to some of the plants. All of the 1-2-Grow plants and Hortilab Tissue Culture plants are free of all pests and snails.