Aquatic Plants

Update June 3rd, 2019

Plant tanks are currently 10% of full stock level. Tissue culture plants are 5% of full stock level.

We have a couple shipments arriving over the next two weeks. We have an event happening on June 13th after the store closes including some planted tank demonstrations so we need to build up our plants stock for the event. This week we have a good sized Singapore plant shipment arriving with a lot of our regular species that are easy to keep. There won’t be any rarities this time just lots of good sellers like Anubias, Java fern and Cryptocorynes.

Tropica Schedule

Next Tropica plant arrival is set for June 11th.  Please have all special orders in by Tuesday June 4th, no later than 4:00 PM. The availability and prices of plants are posted with the following link

Tropica Stock List week of June 3rd

Right click on link to download file to your computer

Singapore/Thailand Plants

The next arrival of plants from Singapore or Thailand is tentatively scheduled for Thursday June 6th There will be lots of Anubias, Cryptocorynes, Vallisnerias and all the standards.

Tissue Culture

We are in the process of changing how we keep tissue culture plants in the shop. We have found that they have a very limited shelf life during the warm summer months. Our research shows that keeping at lower temps may be the answer. We are working out a lighted glass fronted fridge to hold the plants for long term. This way we can always have a great variety of tissue cultured plants.

Indonesia Plants

Order arrival is pending. It will get here eventually. Maybe 2019 is the year!!. It’s been an adventure with this supplier. We have our permits in order and are just waiting for him to have the plants ready to export!!

Full in stock picture catalog coming 2019 and pdf for download coming by soon

We cannot guarantee the plants from our aquariums to be completely free of snails. We try our best to keep our plant tanks free from snails but some do escape and may hitchhike on to some of the plants. All of the 1-2-Grow plants and Hortilab Tissue Culture plants are free of all pests and snails.