Aquatic Plants

Update October 12, 2017

This week we received both Tropica and Singapore. Both orders are not large but have enough plants to fill all of the plant aquariums. We have a good selection of easy and advanced plants and couple we haven’t had in a while. The Tropica shipment had a good amount of the easy plants in the Hygrophila and Bacopa families. There were also a number of Cryptocorynes including Crypt albida Red and Crypt usteriana. We didn’t receive any 1-2-Grow this shipment.

The Singapore shipment had lots of Vallisnerias in three varieties as well as some gorgeous Rotala macrandra Narrow Leaf and nice clumps of Blyxa japonica. We also received 40 Marimo Moss balls

Plant tanks are currently 95% full. Tissue culture plants are 2% full

Tropica Schedule

The next Tropica shipment arriving on October 31st. If you would in on the order we need to have your orders in by October 24th at 3:00 PM

. Please note that for all of the plants from Tropica with the exception of the two varieties of Aponogeton crispus,  Bucephalandra sp and all of the Vallisneria species are accessible for ordering, stock permitting. If you would like to see current availability list from Tropica before ordering send email to the shop.

Singapore Plants

The next arrival of Singapore plants will be Thursday November 2nd. They are ready fro sale on November 3rd

Hortilab Plants

Next Hortilab tissue culture plants are scheduled to arrive tentatively October 18th

Indonesia Plants

Hmmm… where are my plants? Apparently a small hiccup but will be on their way soon…. It has been a painful wait

Full in stock picture catalog coming 2017 and pdf for download coming by soon

We cannot guarantee the plants from our aquariums to be completely free of snails. We try our best to keep our plant tanks free from snails but some do escape and may hitchhike on to some of the plants. All of the 1-2-Grow plants and Hortilab Tissue Culture plants are free of all pests and snails.