Aquatic Plants

Update April 18th, 2018

No new plant shipments this week. We may be getting some locally grown plants next week but will wait to post the list of arrivals when they are actually here!!

Plant tanks are currently 65% of full stock. Tissue culture plants are 25% of full stock

Tropica Schedule

Next Tropica plant arrival is Tuesday April 24th. This will not be a very big order with the majority of the plants ordered being special orders. We plan on doing a large order in the middle of May. Will post a firm date next week.

Singapore Plants

The next arrival of Singapore plants is early May, with most likely date being May 3rd. Approximate stock list of what’s available will be posted on the website the Monday before the arrival.

Hortilab, ABC and Anubias Plants

Next Hortilab order is scheduled to arrive early May. We are also expecting an order for a new Canadian tissue culture grower. They have a small but very interesting selection of plants including a number of Eriocaulon varieties that aren’t available anywhere else.

Indonesia Plants

Order arrival is pending. It will get here eventually. Maybe 2018 is the year!!. It’s been an adventure with this supplier. We have our permits in order and are just waiting for him to have the plants ready to export!!

Full in stock picture catalog coming 2018 and pdf for download coming by soon

We cannot guarantee the plants from our aquariums to be completely free of snails. We try our best to keep our plant tanks free from snails but some do escape and may hitchhike on to some of the plants. All of the 1-2-Grow plants and Hortilab Tissue Culture plants are free of all pests and snails.