For Cats

Menagerie has everything for your feline family member. From innovative cat gadgets to RAW FOOD to Freeze-Dried and wet food options for even the fussiest kitties. Check out our collection of locally made Cat Towers, which of course, we deliver!

For Dogs

Menagerie offers the healthiest foods and treats available for your canine companion. We are Toronto's leaders in RAW FOOD with an extensive frozen food section including complete diets, Do-It-Yourself options and a variety of frozen bones. You can rest assured your dog is getting only the best from us!

For Reptiles

Menagerie offers a full selection of products needed to keep your reptile or amphibian happy and healthy. Always eager to educate, our staff are happy to give visitors a tour of our live snakes and lizards!

For Fish

The Menagerie fish room has a full range of freshwater fish, invertebrates and live aquarium plants. We also have a great selection of supplies from the most popular and well-known manufacturers in the industry.

Small Pets

Our small animal department is home to an assortment of hamsters and guinea pigs plus all the necessary supplies needed to provide them a happy forever home. Menagerie's selection of food, treats, and hay are healthy and natural, sourced from North America and Europe.

For Bird

For years bird owners have been relying on Menagerie Pet Shop's knowledgeable staff for friendly advice when it comes to their feathered friends. Offering a wide array of natural food, innovative toys, and quality cages and even bulk food.

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