For Cats

The cat department of the Menagerie has nearly everything for your feline family member.

For Dogs

The dog department of the Menagerie has evolved from a relatively mundane selection of everyday pet foods, into a destination for natural and healthy ones.

For Reptiles

Menagerie sells a full selection of all the supplies needed to keep your reptile or amphibian healthy and happy.

For Fish

The Menagerie fish room has a full range of freshwater fish, freshwater invertebrates and plants. We also have a good selection of supplies from the most popular and well-known manufacturers as well as a few not so well known.

Small Pets

We stock a small selection of small animal pets from hamsters to guinea pigs.

For Bird

The Menagerie has also been well known for its’ barrels of bulk bird and small animal foods. The various seed mixes that we fill our barrels with are from a local Canadian feed company.

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