We stock a small selection of small animal pets from hamsters to guinea pigs.  We don’t stock hedgehogs or chinchillas in the store but will be more than happy to special order one for those with a serious interest. We don’t stock rabbits or order rabbits due to the large amount of rabbits needing home at various shelters and rescues. We sometimes have rabbits for adoption that have been surrendered to shelters. We will no longer special order ferrets, sugar gliders or degus.

We do, however, stock a great selection of supplies for your small animal friends. We have a full range of foods, treats, chews, cages and specialty items for your small animal friend. We have a number specialty diets for rabbits, hedgehogs, ferrets and sugar gliders. 

Some of the bird and small animal services that the Menagerie provides for its’ customers include nail trimming and wing clipping. This service is limited to only one staff member who works a limited number of hours during the week and must be arranged well in advance.

Small Pets

(individual photos of individual small pets with descriptions and prices coming soon!)