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The bird room at the Menagerie has always been a popular destination for all those that visit the store. The four main resident birds, Sam, Junior, Jade and Chiquita, have many adopted relatives who consider them to be old friends.  There are a number of other birds that are permanent members of our store; they no doubt have greeted many of you as you’ve entered the store!

The bird room at the Menagerie has a good selection of the most commonly kept pet birds. We have a variety of small birds from various finches and budgies to smaller species of conures. We don’t sell the largest of parrots like the larger Cockatoos and Macaws but we do sometimes have parrots like Conures and smaller African parrot species like Senegal Parrots. These birds can be very demanding and should only considered for those with a great amount of time to dedicate to them. The Menagerie is more than happy to entertain any reasonable special requests for birds. We only sell locally bred birds.

The Menagerie has always had a great selection of products for your avian friend. We stock a great selection of supplies from cuttlefish bones to cages and vitamins to parrot toys. We have a huge selection of toys for birds from canaries to macaws and a large selection of specialty items like concrete perches. Our selection of foods for birds is also quite extensive. We stock most of the pelleted foods and seed mixes from the best-known manufacturers. We also stock many of the specialty pellets that are species specific as well as supplements for specific types of birds like Lories. The Menagerie has also been well known for its’ barrels of bulk bird and small animal foods. The various seed mixes that we fill our barrels with are from a local Canadian feed company. The barrels always contain fresh seed, which is delivered to the store weekly. We also fill the barrels with pelleted foods from the most popular manufacturers.

The small animal section of the store is small. We stock a small selection of small animal pets from hamsters to guinea pigs.  We don’t stock ferrets, hedgehogs and chinchillas in the store but will be more than happy to special order one for those with a serious interest. We don't stock rabbits or order rabbits due to the large amount of rabbits needing home at various shelters and rescues. We sometimes have rabbits for adoption that have been surrendered. We do, however, stock a great selection of supplies for your small animal friends. We have a full range of foods, treats, chews, cages and specialty items for your small animal friend. We have a number specialty diets for rabbits, hedgehogs, ferrets and sugar gliders. We also stock the complete line of Barron’s Education books for small animals and birds.

Some of the bird and small animal services that the Menagerie provides for its’ customers include nail trimming and wing clipping.

***Please note that the pictures of the animals are not pictures of animals for sale at the store but are examples or store pets***


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