Aquatic Plants

Update February 17th, 2017

There will be no further plant shipments in February. There has been a slight change in some shipping schedules which have us wait till March 2nd for our next arrival

Plant tanks are currently 40% full. Tissue culture plants are 10% full

Tropica Schedule

Tuesday March 7th (pre-order by 3:00 PM, Tuesday February 28th ),  Tuesday March 28h (pre-order by 3:00 PM Tuesday March 21st) Pre-ordering doesn’t require a deposit unless you are ordering a quantity over 5 pots/tubs of one species or are ordering one of the larger mother plants.

Please note that for all of the plants from Tropica with the exception of the two varieties of Aponogeton crispus,  Bucephalandra sp and all of the Vallisneria species are accessible for ordering, stock permitting. If you would like to see current availability list from Tropica before ordering send email to the shop.

Singapore Plants

The next arrival of Singapore plants will be Thursday March 2nd

Hortilab Plants

Next Hortilab plants are scheduled to arrive March 2nd

Indonesia Plants

As soon as we have updates we post the schedule here. Paperwork is no ready/ Shipment will be late March or early April

Remember all plant shipments will be ready after 6:00 PM on day of arrival. Delays are inevitable and it is always wise to call before heading to the shop.

Full in stock picture catalog coming 2017 and pdf for download coming by soon

We cannot guarantee the plants from our aquariums to be completely free of snails. We try our best to keep our plant tanks free from snails but some do escape and may hitchhike on to some of the plants. All of the 1-2-Grow plants are free of all pests and snails.